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Spinach and Potato & Onion Tortilla
3-4 T extra virgin olive oil
3. c. cleaned spinach leaves, chopped
1 onion
3 potatoes, thinly sliced
5 extra large eggs
seas salt and ground pepper
Heat oil in the skillet and add potatoes and onion...layer in skillet
2. Cook for 10-15 minutes over medium heat. Onions shouldn't brown very much
3. Break eggs into a large bowl, add eggs and salt and pepper and beat briefly with a fork.
4. Remove potatoes and onions from skillet...saute the the spinach lightly in the pan adding more oil if necessary.
5. Add the eggs to the skillet and let cook as a omelet...fill with spinach, egg and potato mixture...flip to cook other side until lightly browned...cut into wedges.