March 8, 2010
Sprouts from Living Hope Farm
Things are beginning to take shape here at Living Hope Farm. When many of you began to consider being a CSA member, you were looking at the dormant trees, and a season lacking the flourish of color that we expect during the summertime; but that is quickly changing.
It is exciting to know that our membership has been steadily growing day by day. We have logged 62 families as members and are have sold 43 1/2 memberships. That means we are over our halfway point of being sold out, which feels very good.
During the last month we have had an Amish crew from the surrounding Lancaster area come to the farm and erect our 27' x 96' greenhouse and a 30' x 96' high wind tunnel beside it. This last week we have entertained plumbers, electricians, and gas company personnel on the property as they dug trenches to install water and electric to the greenhouse and run piping to several hydrants in the fields. I am anxious for them to finish. This past weekend we had a rally to finish building all our greenhouse tables and cover them with wire to prepare them for holding our trays or flats of seeds. Thanks to the many hands who assisted in sharing their time to build the tables. This will be the major work over the course of the next week or two - just seeding, seeding, seeding. It is time to start the tomatoes, onions, and those will be followed by our chards, kohlrabi, peppers, and pac choi, spinach, broccoli, kale, snow peas, and radishes. By the date of our open house...much of the greenhouse should look green!
Beekeeping Fun
As the weather warms this week I will be bringing my beehives from my former residence to the farm. Already the bees are starting to fly and are interested in searching out sources of nectar. These hives will be our first two/three for the farm. In April, you are invited to the farm to watch the installation of two new additional hives that will arrive via the post office. The post office usually calls as soon as they arrive because the buzz-buzz makes postal workers nervous. That same day they will be introduced to their new hives in the late afternoon hours. I will post the event as soon as I am aware they are coming and know that the date is free of precipitation.
May 1st Open House Weekend
This is the chance to become familiar with the farm, the pick-up routine, parking, and fields. Those with Tuesday pick-up please come at 2:00 on Sat. and those with Friday pick-ups please come at 4:30. Note the date and time changes.
Presently we have one volunteer who is interested in planning that open house and we are seeking others. If you have interest in helping plan that event - please email Carolyn at She is very happy to meet new members and together you can collaborate. We hope to have several activities specifically aimed at the children.
CSA Shares Still Available
We still have shares available for the upcoming 2010 season. As a member who is concerned about where your produce comes from and understands the importance of maintaining farmland in your community - you can help us fill our membership to capacity. Brochures and flyers to advertise the CSA are available. If you would like one sent to you to print out or would like to pick some up at the farm, just email me so I can have them available for you.
Intern Needs
LHF has been interviewing for the long-term interns that will be hired to work April-October and is seeking a few extras for their housing. We have two bed frames but are seeking two-three dressers and two lightly used mattresses...a single and a Queen. Other items of need are sets of pots/pans, some baking dishes, a dish drying rack, two laundry baskets, and a bike. If you would like to donate any of these items, please let us know.