Living Hope Farm
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Capital Campaign Item List
Item Description ValueDonated
Pay Down Line of Credit$150,000.00
Increase Salaries to a Fair Wage$40,000.00
Walk-in Cooler for near Wash Pack$8,000.00
Concrete Pad and Electric run for walk-in cooler$4,000.00
Stone for outside washpack and market stand at Indian Creek Road$1,000.00
Improvements to reclaim 7 acres bordering dairy farm(ground cover crop/organic fertilizing)$5,000.00
Deer Fencing for reclaimed 7 acres$20,000.00
Water Access for reclaimed 7 acres: well or pipeline under creek & electric$25,000.00
Used Truck #1 (4-wheel drive/road worthy/large bed))
Used Truck or Van #2 $25,000.00
Kawasaki Mule-4010 4x4 with 2 seats$10,000.00
Mechanical tools for machinery maintenance and repairing farm. Good quality wrench set, socket set, pliers, adjustable wrenches, hammer, screw drivers. Power Tools: skilsaws, cordless drills, electric drills (DeWalt)$3,000.00
Tool Box Storage Unit$1,500.00
Sign for LHF to be placed on property near junction of Indian Creek Road and Freeman School Road (includes township permit for sign)$1,100.00
Harvesting knives: 12 Victorinox Serrated Knife with Victorinox Knife Sheath$250.00
24 Harvesting Pruners$600.00DONATED!
2 door glass front freezer for pick-up room$3,000.00
High Quality Tent: 20' x 40' with 2 center poles with sides$6,000.00DONATED!
Poultry Processing Equipment$7,000.00
Upgrades to existing workshop (electrical and workbench/storage)$1,500.00
8 New Lifetime folding tables for pick-up room and use at off-site markets$1,100.00
24 New folding chairs for pick-up room and use at farm functions$1,100.00
Pole Barn: structure to house farm equipment/use as a work station $75,000.00
Deer Fencing for back acreage for fruit trees$10,000.00
Edible Wind Breaker (fruit trees which will give revenue in addition to providing a natural wind breaker)$10,000.00
Poultry Fencing - Electric$1,000.00
Generator for farmhouse$3,000.00DONATED!
Generator for intern house/pick-up center/greenhouse/freezer$5,000.00
Overhead Irrigation System for Propagation Greenhouse with Mister$4,000.00
3-point Snow Blower-6' to 7' wide (new or used)$5,000.00
BCS Model 749 Attachment: Walk-behind Tractor $4,500.00DONATED!
BCS Model 749 Attachment: Tiller$750.00DONATED!
BCS Model 749 Attachment: Snow Blower$1,800.00
BCS Model 749 Attachment: Power Harrow$2,200.00
BCS Model 749 Attachments: Flail Mower$1,900.00
Utility/Landscape Trailer-7,000 pound GVWR, Tandem axle w/brake, 14' min. length$3,500.00
3-point Tractor Attachment: Rotary Cutter-72" to 84" cutting width (new or used in good condition)$5,000.00
3-point Tractor Attachment: Flail Mower (new or used in good condition)$5,000.00
Lawn Mower-Commercial Grade with minimum 60" deck$5,000.00
3 New white Boards $2,000.00
Bulletin Board for Office$100.00
Office Supplies including colored paper, paper clips, tape, post-it-notes, & miscellaneous supplies$500.00
Office Supplies including new printer, new keyboard, & printer ink cartridges.$500.00
4 New Filing Cabinets with lock for Office$400.00
Advertising Items:Brochures$1,000.00
Advertising Items:Business Cards$300.00
Advertising via mailing Capital Campaign letter: computer paper, envelopes, ink, stamps$4,000.00
Advertising Items: Lawn Signs for Capital Campaign$2,500.00
Shopping Bag with LHF advertisement$1,000.00
Advertising Items: Hats$500.00
Advertising Items: T-Shirts for farm crew/Board members/give as incentive for donating to Capital Campaign$1,000.00
Advertising Items: Magnetic Sign for van when visiting off-site markets$300.00
Advertising Items: Post Cards for Capital Campaign$600.00
Paint for Pick-up Room/Work Room/Office$1,000.00
Reserve Fund$20,000.00
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