Our Origins and Philosophy
Living Hope Farm is entering its eighth year as a non-profit, community-oriented agricultural farm. The farm began its transformation in 2010 from a historic farmstead into a vibrant Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm. Our CSA is known for producing safe, locally grown food, supporting the local economy, and allow persons to participate in the growing of their food. Members are able to interact with the farmers who grow the food and gain a new perspective on their food source and its nutritional value.
Our Vision
The CSA is the "engine" of the farm that fuels the Living Hope Farm Vision. Living Hope Farm has begun to help the Indian Valley community explore what it means to cooperatively raise food, to farm and manage livestock well in the 21st Century; to treat the land as a treasure, and to think of food as a sacred gift. Living Hope Farm desires to build new connections; moving from commodities to community - from fast food to fresh, local food - and from mindless eating to a respectful, just oriented way of sharing what is grown. We are committed to educating our community, tithing a portion of our produce grown and creating a relationship with the under-served. These interactions are connected to our mission of "Growing food, faith and community" and occur through our small class offerings, chef demonstrations, integration of differently abled persons on the farm, and our tithing initiatives.
Faith directed, sustainable agriculture and community gardening is building new kinds of connections.