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Winter Chicken Share

Purchase a Chicken Share for $150 (with cash or check to help reduce our fees) and we will pre-load a Chicken Share card for $150 and you receive a 5% discount off of your chicken purchases. You are free to shop how and when YOU choose!

Whole Chickens $5.50/lb
1/2 Chickens $5.75/lb
Bone-in Whole Breasts $11.00/lb
Boneless Skinless Breasts $13.00/lb
Tenders $15.00/lb
Whole Legs $5.25/lb
Drumsticks $5.50/lb
Wings $5.00/lb
Bulk Wings (20 wings per pack) $4.25/lb
Thighs $5.50/lb
Organ Meat $4.75/lb
Soup Stock Mix Bones $1.25/lb

Each time you shop for chicken, using your chicken share card, we will deduct 5% off of your chicken purchase.
All chicken will be first come, first served. All are welcome to purchase our pastured chicken, but only Chicken Share Members will receive a 5% discount on poultry purchases.You do not need to be a Vegetable CSA Member in order to purchase a Chicken Share

These cards do not expire. If you do not use the balance by the end of our Winter Season & public markets, which is January 30th, just hold onto your card to use in later years and seasons. Please treat these cards like cash, we cannot replace them if they get lost.

In case you are new to the farm, here is some information on our poultry.

Our hens are pastured and "free range" (meaning they are free to roam within the confines of an electrical mesh netting which protects them from predators which would happily eat them). We rotate the area in which they are confined so they are able to access fresh grass, insects, fly larva, parasites, and other critters they may find. We also supplement their diet with Certified Organic feed raised and milled by a farmer in Oley, Pa.

Our broilers (meat birds) will be raised in a brooder in the barn until they are 3 weeks old and then transferred outdoors into shelters that are moved daily.

We purchase day-old chicks from a local hatchery so we are able to control the conditions in which they are raised and also the feed that they consume. By taking the time to raise healthy chicks, providing plenty of room to roam and forage, feeding good quality feed and fresh water, we are able to produce chickens and eggs that are healthy for the consumer as well as for the environment and our farm on which we live.All of our poultry is Certified Naturally Grown and we have been inspected by the Montgomery County, Bucks County Departments of Health, and the Certified Naturally Grown Inspector.*Prices subject to change
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