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Chef Cory's Cabbage /Broccoli Demo
Ingredients : mostly to taste
2 stalks Broccoli - use all the broccoli...stalks and crown of florets. For a tougher stalk just pare off the
rough outer skin of the broccoli stalk to make the taste more tender
1 head Cabbage
1 Apple
1 Carrot
Honey Roasted Walnuts
White Balsamic Vinegar
Directions: Shred 3/4 head of cabbage into a bowl. Add finely shredded (skin on) apple, 1 carrot diced finely, raisins to taste, 2/4 c. honey roasted walnuts. Mix ingredients together. In another bowl add mayonnaise, white balsamic vinegar and sugar (maybe 1 1/2 c.) . Stir together and pour over the cabbage and mix well.
Let sit in refrigerator for 1-2 hours or go ahead and eat fresh.
To make honey toasted walnuts (which are absolutely delicious) a pan place the walnuts, 1/4-1/2 c. butter and add honey. Over medium heat stir until carmelized. Chef Cory's suggestion is leave one walnut on your cutting board to remind you that you have walnuts toasting while you dice your other ingredients to keep from burning your walnuts.
Chef Cory suggests that additional items for spicing your slaws can be paprika, honey, salt, and even maple syrup.