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Garlic Scape Uses
Garlic sc... Great Ways to Incorporate Scapes in Your cooking!!
The narrow stalk that forms as a seed head from the garlic plant. As the Garlic begins to grow, a curved stalk starts to form and continues to grow as the plant matures. During the early stages, the Garlic Scape is round, thin and curved in shape. As it matures, the stalk begins to straighten and become less tender in texture. Garlic Scapes are often harvested when young to be used in stir-fries or pesto recipes. They provide a strong garlic taste that is not too overpowering for the other ingredients.
Add to omelets
Chop and add to top your tomato soup
Add to pasta
Makes pesto
Pickle them
Freeze them after washing and drying, curled in a freezer bag for later use
Add to soy sauce for a chinese flavor
Add tomatoes and oregano and create an Italian flavor
Whip grated scapes into your cream cheese or sour cream for toppings
Add lemon and cinnamon and create a Greek flavor
Add to stews, roasts, marinades, roasted potatoes
Add raw to sandwiches and salads
Create a salad dressing out of them
Saute in olive oil or lightly grill (don't burn them)
Quite frankly...just get creative with the many ways they can spice up an ordinary meal . use as you would scallions or garlic