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Pinwheel Wraps
2 pkgs cream cheese
1 pkg ranch dressing
3 oz. fresh olives, chopped
1 rib of celery
1 sweet red pepper
1/2 fresh jalapeno pepper
5 green onions chopped
3-5 slices bacon cooked and broken into bits
Combine in a bowl 2 pkgs cream cheese and 1 pkg ranch dressing mix (or create your favorite to add).
Beat the cheese mixture until well blended the add 1 celery rib chopped, 1/4 cup red sweet pepper, 3 oz. chopped olives, 1 fresh jalapeno pepper (chopped), 5 green onions chopped, and 4 bacon slices - cooked and broken into pieces.
Spread this over flour tortillas one at a time and roll up. Cut into 1 inch slices and refrigerate your leftovers for later. Kids love to help mix and roll these pinwheel sandwiches.