October 9, 2018
A letter from the Board Chair
A letter from our Board Chair
Greetings Valued CSA Members,

I’m writing this short note to each of you while wearing my Living Hope Farm board chair hat.

If you’ve talked with any local farmer recently – farming a few acres or few hundred acres – you’ve probably heard comments like: “this has been a very wet and difficult year”, “our yields are down significantly”, “we’ve lost most of our (fill in the blank)”, or “why is farming- this valuable and important part of our culture and our very existence- have to be so hard to accomplish sometimes?”.

Indeed it has been a difficult year for Living Hope Farm as well.

Living Hope Farm has an amazingly committed and hardworking staff. They all have been doing their best to deal with the many challenges of growing a steady supply of fresh produce for you our valued CSA members and various off-site farmers markets it serves. They take seriously the call to be good stewards of the land. They understand that the effort to have healthy people living in our community needs to start with growing healthy produce and livestock. But most importantly, they understand that having healthy soil is foundational in this effort. They accomplish this important aspect through the regenerative farming practices of crop rotation and diversity, cover cropping, composting and minimal tillage. LHF is currently a Certified Naturally Grown farm, however the process to become a Certified Organic Farm is the farms near future.

So as you think about your year-end giving, please remember LHF. LHF is a registered 501©3 non-profit organization and a Conference Related Ministry of the Franconia Mennonite Conference. It is doing good and very important work that benefits our local community as well as many low income families in N.E. Philadelphia neighborhoods. Your financial support will: further it’s work of providing fresh and nutritious food to local families in need through our “Farm to Family Fund” (partnering with our local school districts in this effort); LHF donates a significant amount of produce to local food banks and as mentioned, it serves a farmers market in the Oxford Circle Community in N.E. Philadelphia bringing fresh produce to a community that has very little available to them.

Thank you for your consideration. Living Hope Farm, along with many other small farms in the region, is part of an ongoing and increasing movement to keep the small farm model alive and well. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Visit the farms website- www.livinghopefarm.org to learn more about the farms work, vision, mission and where to send your donations to.

Thank you for your consideration,
Dwight L. Alderfer