April 1, 2010
Intern Update
Interns are hired and preparing to start working mid-April.
We have made plans for several interns to work here during the summer through fall but alot of work needs to take place in the "motel" (the coined term from our neighbors) referring to our long white pick-up/education building. Each day my list of what interns may need seems to grow longer. I forget what it takes to start a household. Because this is our first year for interns we virtually have very little to get them started in their residency here. Thanks to those who have already donated a bike & helmet, baking dishes, a wash basket, and some cleaning items. Below we have compiled a punch list of additional items if you find something that you don't need or want to contribute. Beyond those items we will spend next week building an interior wall to give them a living space to call their own and do a major once over in the cleaning department. If you have any interest in giving their rooms a fresh coat of paint, or love washing windows - let me know. This should all happen between April 2nd and 9th.
Intern 1 & 2 Alex and Mary Laura Sawatzky
Mary Laura and Alex have been serving in Costa Rica for the past year at a sustainable living and envirionmental center. Most of their energies were directed in soil building and land preparation but each have had some experience germinating seeds and transplanting them into fields. Alex's interests are recreation, cooking, and studying various cultures.
Mary Laura has a strong interest in social justice and education in urban settings. Mary will work as an intern full time but will be encouraged to further develop our connections to the Germantown and Oxford Circle area of Philadelphia with several of our board members.
Intern 3 Yet to be determined
Punch List for Interns
If you find something lightly used you think would benefit our interns - please give a call to the farm and let us know. Here are a few items that may be helpful.
  • pots and pans
  • wastebaskets
  • microwave
  • small stereo
  • cooking ware like a cookie sheets and muffin pans
  • hangers
  • kitchen items like: peeler, knives, grater, mixing spoons, paring knives colander, spatulas
  • a few vases
  • lightly used blankets or bed spreads
Maybe - just maybe - one or more of these items is collecting dust in your garage or basement.