Expected Harvest | March 4, 2011
Peace of Mind - Fair Trade Coffee
New this year, Living Hope Farm will be collaborating with a new organic, fair trade coffee roaster. See a downloadable form and description in nice detail on the left of our front page!!
I am thrilled to announce that Living Hope Farm will be the location for which Jim and Jodi Ostlund, will launch their fair trade, organic, coffee roasting business.
In an effort to extend the CSA movement, Living Hope Farm is excited to offer exclusive fair trade, organic (FTO) coffee shares through Peace of Mind Coffee. Peace of Mind is a new local micro-roaster offering custom coffee with a clear conscience. Each week share holders will receive the best tasting, freshest coffee—throughout the CSA season. Those who are half share holders of Living Hope will receive a double portion every 2 weeks in conjunction with your pick-up of produce. Your coffee will be roasted only 1-2 days before it’s delivered to the farm. You simply cannot find such fresh, affordable coffee like this at a grocery store or coffee shop!
Without a doubt, FTO coffee is becoming more popular among consumers, and more readily available from commercial roasters. However, retailers can have such coffee in the warehouse or on the shelf for weeks, and charge an average of $13.50 per pound. By selling it in a 12 ounce package they can get the price per bag down to roughly $10.
By purchasing a coffee share through Peace of Mind you will receive the world's finest coffee beans, roasted to perfection, delivered at its peak of freshness for a lower price. In addition, you can have peace of mind that you are supporting small independent coffee growers from around the world because Peace of Mind only purchases coffee that is certified fair trade, organic.
Some coffees you might enjoy include:
FTO Guatemala HB Huehuetenango - This is a very popular coffee from Guatemala with a rich body and a smooth and spicy chocolaty finish.
FTO Peruvian - This Peruvian coffee is moderately acidic with a soft body and flavor. It has a slightly nutty flavor quality to it, much like other South and Central American coffees, but softer.
FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - From the birthplace of coffee comes this popular coffee. The subtle fruity taste is enhanced by a darker roast, and is accompanied by moderate acidity and a balanced body.
FTO Nicaraguan SHG - Nicaragua is a fairly new to the coffee export world, and this SHG (Strictly High Grown) grade here is especially nice.
FTO Papua New Guinea - These beans are actually transplants from the Jamaican Blue Mountain growing regions, which offers a clean cup with sweet acidity and a deep, complex flavor.
FTO Sumatra Mandheling - Hailing from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, these beans create an incredibly smooth and rich cup of coffee with an earthy and chocolaty flavor.
FTO Mexican H/G Chiapas - A mild, medium coffee, it has the fruity and nutty flavor notes associated with the region. The acidity is bright, but not over powering, and the aroma is delicate and fresh.
Price & Deadline
$125- 1/2 pound every week // 1 pound every other week ($12.50 per pound)
$250- 1 pound every week // 2 pounds every other week ($12.50 per pound)
*20-week shares begin June 14 – Must be signed up by June 7. Sign-up by May 1 and receive 2 additional weeks (May 31-June 13) for FREE!