Field Report | March 4, 2011
Gads of Good Things Going
The Greenhouse is Growing Greener by the Day and new ventures are taking place...please keep reading!!!
All those hours spent pouring over organic seed catalogues are now coming to fruition. The seed is all organized into it's variety boxes and accounted for when it is received and is now coming out of storage. I have fired up the greenhouse and each day seems to change in color. A new wave of something green is peeking its head out of the soil each morning. To see that green color is actually a relief. Many hours are spent seeding those tiny seeds one by one into cells that will hold our spring allium crops such as onions, leeks. But waiting 8 days for them to pop is always makes me wonder if the seed is viable - though I know it should be.
This year our collection of onions include: red and golden cippolini's (tasty flat onions), Mustang, Red Rossa Di Milano, and Ailsa Craig. Ailsa Craig is a English heirloom that is straw yellow and a large globe shape. It is amazingly sweet and firm. Our leeks are beginning to show and will hopefully give us more luck than those of last year. Also begining to show are our spring brassica's; Chinese cabbages, regular red and green cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower. Celeriac and celery are also started. This week more things will be planned for seeding such as parsley, kale, kohlrabi, chard, and spinach.
Also this year, available for purchase during pick up hours will be our free range eggs, coffee (see further details below), in the fall we will offer "Wild for Salmon", and of course let's not forget that beautiful bouquet of flowers that you can take home each week! Again a season of delicate florals and scrumptious colors and textures...yes, some even edible.
Please plan on attending more of our barn jams, our potlucks, and classes offered this year.