June 8, 2010
Our First Round of Pick-ups have Finished
Two weeks of produce are over already!
We ended our first round of weeks A & B with a bang! Every person scheduled on the list was present for their produce on the last night. Still a few names are being added to our roster of farm members for several who have changed their minds for various reasons, but we remain sold out with a growing waiting list. Your first week of pick-up consisted of lettuces, chard, kale, spinach, sugar snap peas, kohlrabi, spring onions, radishes, and some herbs...not bad. It has been fun meeting each of you during your designated pick up day...but next week the interns will also be starting to take their turns at assisting with restocking your fresh produce and answering your questions in the pick-up center as well.
**If the weather could remain cool for a bit longer the lettuces will remain in your pick-up as well as chard, snap peas, spring onions, radishes and herbs. Spinach, kale, and kohlrabi will be on their way out to be replaced soon with Asian greens, Arugala, and the beginnings of summer squash and beans. We will have to see how the cauliflower and broccoli fair as each are showing signs of heat stress and wanting to bolt. Fall will definately be a better, more productive harvest with the cooler weather.
Thank you to the many of you who have signed up for workshares these past few weeks or have randomly appeared on the farm to assist. You have enabled the interns and I to focus our attention on planting and harvesting while many of you assisted Gail in planting flowers and weeding between the beds.
The work you have done is critical. When the words you hear are. "Could you please pull weeds? That really needs done." Your responses have been pleasureable and ready to help. Pulling the weeds REALLY does help as it allows those plants to grow without competition for nutrients or moisture from the soil and an area without alot of weeds makes an area that doesn't allow insects to harbor and hide - thus making healthier plants. So thank you for the often back-breaking, long hours you have all spent bug-hunting & dusting, for pulling, chopping and scraping away at those weeds, and for hauling stones out of those undesirable places in our flower beds!
Your help has been appreciated.