Field Report | May 21, 2010
Meet your Neighbors Question of the Week
Meet your fellow Living Hope Farm CSA members!
In this occasional feature, vegetable lovers you see here each week working and picking up their shares gives their views on community-supported agriculture and volunteering at the farm - as well as their favorite methods of preparing and eating Living Hope Farm's vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other goodies.
Question of the Week: What inspired you to join Living Hope Farm?
“As a young child I remember being fascinated with my grandparents’ ability to grow wonderful vegetables and fruits in their backyard….and venison that grandpop had hunted—all presented as a fresh, delicious meal at the dinner table. My connection with agriculture started then. Another reason is that I lean toward a vegetarian diet and welcome any and all vegetables into my kitchen! My 9-year-old daughter is a “meat-a-vore” as she says—so I have had to compromise a bit—but who knows, maybe she will find a couple of new vegetables to enjoy.
Getting more “green” has always been a goal for me and my family. I think that it’s important to use our resources wisely and set an example for others to do the same.
I would like to meet other people that have similar goals and values to my own—wholesome living and a more egalitarian outlook. It looks promising that this is going to be an opportunity to get to know many wonderful people who can enrich my daughter’s life and my own, as we hope to do the same for them.” -- Kathy Wieland
“I've had several serious home gardens over the years, but primarily for me, I saw the movie “Food, Inc” and realized that I had to get serious about the source of my food. The orientation on May 1 was the first time I saw the actual farm. I have attended Apple Butter Frolic numerous times at the farm (and totally enjoyed it). At LHF, everything is tidy and organized (high on my list) and I actually gasped when I saw the BEAUTIFUL deer fence – it is SO tall and so well constructed and surrounds a huge 12 acre area. I definitely have deer fence envy!” – Joan Rosiak
“We joined for many reasons. One is to support local farms and farmers. Another is to stop paying for all the oil it takes to transport produce from far away—from California and Guatemala and other places. And I like the challenge of eating whatever is in season. I got a new cookbook last year, called Simply in Season, filled with recipes for whatever’s fresh at the moment.
I grew up on a dairy farm and we had a vegetable garden, too. I really loved the fresh green beans and the fresh sweet corn. As kids, we went out picking raspberries. I think its better to enjoy food when it’s fresh from the farm rather than having it all year long, you wait for it to ripen and enjoy it to the hilt!” – Delores Bauman