May 3, 2010
Open House
Thanks for a great open house/orientation.
Thanks to the many of you who were able to make it to the open house last week at the farm. I know some of you had other commitments, some got lost, and others missed hearing about it altogether. Whatever the reason, we will make your first pick-up run smoothly. You will receive an updated pick-up list that is complete with members names, days of the week for pick-up and whether you are a A or B week. Look for those lists as an attachment in a file from We have more persons registered for Tuesday than we prefer, so if you wouldn't mind moving to Friday - please contact us to make the change. We are planning on Tuesday May 24th as being the first pick-up day/week A. Friday the 28th the first Friday pick-up week A...week B being the week of Memorial Day. We will contact you if there is a change in that date. And please know that as the season progresses...your produce will certainly increase. Please be patient with us as we start your season.
There are still some phone calls coming in regarding questions about how to log onto the website for work shares etc. If you scroll down the left hand side of the screen in the lower left part of the front page, there is a link called "Log in" under the "Member Services" heading. Clicking on this link will take you to the login page. At the bottom of this page is a link called "Get new password". This link takes you to a form where you can enter your email address. If the address is in our database, you will receive a randomly-generated password in your email. You can use the password to log in, and then you can change the password to whatever you wish.
Workshares are very can click on the workshare section and it will bring up the details of the work...then you can sign up following the description. As I mentioned on Saturday...please feel free to phone or just stop by if you find yourself with some free time....we can definately put you to work. Presently we have been chasing our Remay row covers all over the tarnation in this wind. The rocks in the field are finally coming in very handy. If your child wants to fill some soil bags with rocks, we would welcome that activity. Lots of the biggest rocks 2-3 # are found at the ends of rows where we have tossed them in our activity of bed making. But seriously - with the winds we had Saturday and again Sunday...we have halted our planting to avoid the plants getting beaten down by the winds before they can safely establish themselves in the soil.
Monday we have put out for a lettuce planting workshare - but I am sure there is plenty to keep a crew busy in the fields for hours. We have had "farmer John", Jill's husband, mowing the fields within the fence recentlybecause the clover and rye need cut prior to the rye going to seed. If it goes to seed we have future weeds to contend with instead of just a nice cover crop. The hours to mow are not something the interns or I have have time for at this point and farmer John is actually playing the role of 'mom" so he doesn't have the time either. If anyone has experience mowing with a tractor & brush hog and would like to take this on this week (evenings are ok)...please let me know. The fields should ideally be mowed this week prior to seeding. Count it as work share hours!!!
In addition, Karl Boerke has volunteered to assist in the building of the canopy over the wash station. If there is anyone interested in assisting him please let us know. We would like to see this happen prior to the second week of June.
Lastly, if you are able, you will find photos of the open house day on our facebook site, compliments of Greg Bowman, board member.