April 29, 2010
Below is our list of ongoing projects that will remain on this list until they are completed. They can be done by individuals for your share hours, youth groups, or small groups etc. that would like to volunteer as well.
This list may be more lengthy at times when projects abound or shorter when many hands are assisting.
Ongoing Projects on Living Hope Farm
Place a closing hasp on the lower garden shed
Repair drip hose with male and female ends
Weed, Weed, Weed....anytime you feel like coming!!!! We can't keep up with the weeds.
Paint Lower Shed
Repair upper shed with new T 1-11 and repaint
Remove the planter near the greenhouse and create a flower bed (removal started)
Pull poison ivy vines near path to fields
Level ground from where water lines were installed to greenhouse
Build pick-up/display tables for inside pick-up center
Hang a tire swing from tree for little children to enjoy (brush may need cleaned around tree)
Sift rock from around lower garden shed and create a neat garden area
Haul unwanted I-beams to recycle center
Paint the propane tank (once designed) with Rust Oleum in the colors of a monarch caterpillar with a caterpillar on top *let me know if you have an artistic hand and are interested in drawing the caterpillar or painting the caterpillar
Weedwack regularly around the perimeter of the fence/wash station
Landscape and beautify (possibily even terrace) the area around the lower garden shed (a great common project for several with an eye for design to tackle together)